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Welcome to my page, this page is used for anyone who want to update their web pages. I am editing most of the websites for the Petroleum Engineering Department, please click on gmail icon on each page to send me request for updating.

Petroleum Engineering Department   

Center for Earth Materials, Mechanics, and Characterization (CEMMC)   

FAST (Fracturing, Acidizing, Stimulation Technology)   

Unconventional Natural Gas and Oil Institute (UNGI)    

Center for Fracture of Geo-Materials (CFGM)    

Unconventional Inhanced Oil Recovery (UIOR)   

Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Project (UREP)   

ARMA CSM Student Chapter(ARMA CSM)   


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In early 20th century, Nikola Tesla proposed an idea to transmit electricity through the air similar to the communication of the wireless system that we are using today. But, he soon bankrupted because of his idea. Today, we are getting closer to that idea. The new smart phones now can be charged without plugging in with the wire. Any country or individual can increase the efficiency of this transmission can be the richest country or person in the world. If this happens, we do not have to stop for the gas since the electric cars, Tesla for example, can run by receiving the electricity through the air. This is similar to the transition from table phone to cell phone that keeps you connected everywhere you go, you don't have to stop for signal. In addition, if the fusion technology is realistic, we can reduce the size of the nuclear plan and distribute in anywhere in the country. Hence, not much wire line will be needed. It means that gas stations will disappear and I, a petroleum engineer, will be jobless.

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